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A Boston MA Defendant Rapes a Bunny

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Picture taken by Ian Britton: http://www.ianbritton.co.uk/ 

Before you read this story, please beware that it is a horrible story and may be too much for most people. This is a real story that happened in Chelsea MA.

The story starts with a female who owned a rabbit and the defendant was her roommate. The female kept her rabbit in the kitchen in a cage. One day when she came home she saw the defendant quickly throw the rabbit in the cage and ran back into his room.

The female started to look around and noticed that the rabbit wasn’t acting right and she started to look around the apartment. In the bathroom she found blood and fur and immediately decided to call the police. Further investigation lead people to believe that the defendant raped the bunny. 

When the police arrived the defendant had already jumped out of the window and ran away from the scene. The defendant was captured and later charged with bestiality and cruelty against animals. The female brought her rabbit to the vet and had pictures taken of her pet.

Later the defendant was convicted of cruelty against animals and closed this extremely weird case once and for all. The rabbit did go on to live a while longer, however, it has died of natural causes since.

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For more information http://www.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view/20100108chelsea_rabbit_rapist_convicted_of_cruelty/

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