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Be Aware of Legal Advice from Others

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The worst advice you can get is from people who aren’t lawyers.  The problem is that most people hear bits and pieces of advice and then try to assess their own case.  Even if the person giving you advice has been charged with the same offense, every person’s case is different and it does you no good to hear what happened to someone else’s case. 

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Television shows such as Judge Judy, CSI, Law and Order may provide good entertainment, but gives little value to helping your through a criminal case.  Even if the shows were accurate which they are not, each state has its own rules and there are many different factors that can affect the outcome of a case.  You may think that watching the legal television shows prepares you for court, but it just isn’t true. 

A lot of people in jail want to listen to the advice of jail mates.  This is a bad source to get advice for several reasons.  First, the people in jail may be lying, exaggerating to impress you, or be mistaken about what actually happened in their case.  Second, the person doesn’t know all the facts in your case and doesn’t have any legal training.  And finally, the most obvious reason is that the person is in jail.  If the person was really that legally savvy and knew that much about the law, then one would assume that he or she would not be in jail. 

Finally, you may be swayed by what your family believes is the best thing for you in a given case.  It is difficult to think logically when you are emotionally invested in a problem.  Family members want the best thing for you, but it is difficult for family members to think clearly when they care about you. Without having an objective view of all the factors, a family member’s advice can sway you in a bad direction.

Listening to any legal advice from anyone other than your lawyer is dangerous. Television shows are inaccurate, jail mates are unreliable, and family members are often emotional. It makes much more sense to listen to a trained legal professional, your lawyer.  

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