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Boston Police crack down against sex crime and prostitution houses

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Police are cracking down on prostitution houses more than ever. They usually start with looking for online or magazine advertisements that peak their interest. Things such as “sensual massage” is something that they tend to investigate.

During their investigation, it is very common for an undercover officer to go in and try to make a deal for sexual services in exchange for money. The officer is usually wearing a recording device. Once the agreement is made, the officer tends to use some excuse to leave the premise temporarily.

A few days later, the undercover officers along with many other policemen show up with a search warrant and attempt to seize as much as possible. The officers hope that their surprised visit will catch some defendants in the act. The police also hope that the seized material will help in their investigation.

Police will often seize computers, cash, documents and much more. In the end, the police hope to be able to ultimately have the cash and computers forfeited to the state. This is pretty common, once an item is seized; it is usually difficult to recover it from the police. The police also hope that by seizing the materials, it will hinder the defendants from advertising their business in the future.

These stories are becoming more common and more people will be arrested before this is over. It should be no surprise to those who live in the city that these things happen. In the end, if you are a supplier of these services, beware of your next customer because he could be a police officer.

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