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Ignition Interlock Device Laws in Massachusetts

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Under Massachusetts ignition interlock laws, you may need to install an ignition interlock device (IID) into your vehicle if you have two or more DUI convictions and are either eligible for a hardship license or are eligible for a license reinstatement.

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device is generally a device that you install directly into your vehicle’s dashboard. Before starting your vehicle, you will have to blow into the device to start your engine. The device will measure the alcohol on your breath and if it detects alcohol above 0.02 blood alcohol content, you will be prompted to retake the test. A second failed test will result in a lockout of your car which can only be fixed by visiting the vendor of the IID.

In addition, even after your car has successfully started, the device will prompt you to re-take the breath test at various points to ensure your sobriety.

How Long Must You Have the IID?

Generally, if you have two or more DUI convictions and are eligible for a hardship license, you will need to use the IID for the duration of the hardship license as well as an additional two years after your license is reinstated.

If you have two or more DUI convictions and are eligible for license reinstatement, you must use the IID for two years after your license is reinstated.

If you have had any IID infractions or violations during the time you had the IID installed in your car, you may have to leave the IID in your vehicle for a longer period of time.

Do I Need to Install An IID In All My Vehicles?

Yes. You must install an IID in every vehicle that you own, lease, or operate. Keep in mind that this can include your employer’s vehicle. Your driver’s license will be marked with a restriction that only allows you to drive a vehicle equipped with an IID. So you face additional penalties if you are caught driving any other vehicle.

Furthermore, you will be required to pay all the costs and fees of installing and operating the IID including the costs to lease the device, maintain it, and other costs.

How Does the IID Report My Driving?

The IID will record the results of all your breath tests and vehicle activity. Every 30 days you will be required to return to the vendor of the IID for a scheduled maintenance and to upload the data from the device.  The vendor will then forward this data to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

When Will the IID be Removed?

Generally, your IID will be removed after completion of the time periods mentioned above. After completion of the designated time period, you must visit a Hearings Officer and obtain a letter allowing you to remove the IID. You will give the letter to the vendor and the vendor will remove the IID.

The only other time that your IID will be removed is getting it removed for bad behavior. Basically, if you have too many IID violations and get your license suspended, you will lose your restricted license and be unable to drive completely.

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