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MA OUI Ignition Interlock Device

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Under the Melanie Laws Massachusetts has toughened its OUI laws.  One of the ways the Massachusetts has increase the penalties for OUI laws is require the ignition interlock device in certain OUI violations.  If you are facing an OUI second offense and refused the breathalyzer, you will most likely have to install an ignition interlock device inside your vehicle. (picture of ignition taken by Billaday

ignitionThe OUI ignition interlock device is a small machine that is attached to your car’s ignition.  The OUI ignition interlock device is no larger than an average cell phone.  The OUI ignition interlock device will make the OUI offender blow into it prior to starting your car.  Once the car is started the ignition interlock will require the OUI offender to re-take the breathalyzer ever so often.  The frequent testing was integrated to prevent OUI offenders from drinking in the car while driving.  

An OUI offender could be charged with violating the ignition interlock device law for doing several things.  First, the OUI offender cannot tamper with the device.  Second, the OUI offender cannot allow someone else to take the breathalyzer for him or her.  Third, the OUI offender cannot drive a car that doesn’t have the ignition interlock device. 

It is important that the OUI offender doesn’t violate the OUI ignition interlock laws.  Massachusetts has very strict penalties for violating the OUI ignition laws.  If the OUI offender violates the OUI ignition interlock laws the OUI offender could face up to 2 ½ years in jail.  The OUI offender could also face up to 5 years in state prison.  Either way, the OUI offender must serve at least 150 days of his or her jail sentence.  Long story short, an OUI offender that violates the OUI ignition interlock laws will be in jail for at least 150 days and not allowed to be parole until that time is over.  Be smart, avoid OUI charges, but if you find yourself with an ignition interlock, don’t violate it.  

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