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Central Mass Courts

Busiest court-the busiest court in central MA is no other than the Worcester Central District Court.  This court is also known as CDC. After Boston Municipal Court, CDC usually ranks second or third busiest court constantly trading places with Springfield.  You will find the clerk and probation offices on the first floor.  The Juvenille session and Probate and Family on the second floor.  The District and Superior Courts on the third and fourth floors.   


Smallest court-Winchendon MA.  This is the most northern court in Worcester County.  Many attorneys still remember when the actual court room was above a pizza shop.  There are stories in which the court room would be filled with the wonderful smell of pizza in the afternoon, making dry cleaning a must.  The court only had a session once every two weeks.  Unfortunately, as of June 2nd of this year this landmark and quirky court has been moved to Gardner. 


 Busier than you think court-Dudley.  Dudley is a small town near the Connecticut boarder in central Massachusetts.  Don’t let the location or the size of the court fool you because you will usually find this court packed with people.  Dudley also has cases that are more serious than you assume for a small town.  There is a good amount of serious drug cases that come through this court.  The court usually only has one judge and doesn’t have any jury trials.  All jury trials are transferred to East Brookfield. 


 Most OUIs per cases court-Westborough.  Westborough does have a jury session and the overwhelming majority of cases tried are OUIs.  So beware if you are in the Westborough area driving around with a couple drinks under your belt, don’t be surprised to be pulled over. 


 Strangest cases court-East Brookfield.  East Brookfield has one of the most beautiful courts in central Massachusetts.  It also has many strange cases that come out of there.  There are a lot of cases in which involve animals.  From time to time you will hear about cases that involve mistreating animals to people’s strange relationships with animals.  The vast majority of cases are pretty normal, but once in a while you will get a strange case from this court. 


A list of the rest of the courts in Central Massachusetts: Clinton District Court, Fitchburg District Court, Gardner District Court, Leominster District Court, Milford District Court, Orange District Court, and Uxbridge District Court


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