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Worcester Man Hiding Pedophiliac Sex Dungeon in His Basement

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A Worcester, Massachusetts’s man was found guilty of plotting to kidnap, sexually abuse, and eat children. Indeed, the Fox News slogan “It’s 10 PM, do you know where your children are” never felt this chilling. Geoffrey Portway, who also went by the name of Fat Longpig online, systematically accumulated child pornography and torture instruments in the dungeon-like basement of his home. Police discovered Portway’s disturbed plans by tracking his online chatroom activity. In his chat records, Portway sought out other pedophiliacs with whom to exchange child pornography. To boot, Portway also solicited children on online chatrooms by attempting to lure them into his home. After reviewing and analyzing the wealth of disturbing plots and child pornography, the court sentenced Geoffrey Portway to 27 years in prison.

Case Background

Portway’s Defense Attorney attempted to build a case for his client as a man who lived in a fantasy world, and who did engage in live-action conversations and simulations but never actually hurt any children. However, the prosecution highlighted that Portway fully intended to act on his plans.

“Mr Portway made his intentions explicitly clear in online conversations with depraved like-minded individuals. The sophisticated child torture chamber he built in his basement also clearly demonstrated his strong desires to ensnare a child victim,” said Bruce Foucart, Boston Homeland Security Agent. “There is no doubt in my mind that given the right set of circumstances, Mr Portway would have acted on those perverse urges. Fortunately, as a result of today’s significant sentence, he will never have an opportunity to pursue his sordid desires.” Portway received a sentence of 27 years behind bars under Massachusetts’s law.

Legal Ramifications and Sentencing

According to Massachusetts’s law, possession or dissemination of obscene matter is punishable by up to five years in prison. In terms of child pornography, persons who own or distribute such images or videos are also liable to a maximum sentence of five years. Further, if it is shown that Portway also attempted to entice children away from their homes through chatroom conversations, he could also receive a three-year sentence under Massachusetts’ Crimes Against Chastity, Morality, Decency and Good Order.

In this case, Geoffrey Portway accrued charges for possession of child pornography and solicitation of pornographic materials. However, the court considered Portway’s massive pedophiliac dungeon a sufficiently cultivated and dangerous environment to warrant a public policy concern. Thus, Portway’s sentence expanded to twenty-six years and eight months in prison.

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