Massachusetts Sex Offender and Public Information

MA Dissemination of Sex Offender Information

The amount of information out there about your sex offender status is directly related to the level of sex offender you are classified.  If you are a level one sex offender, the police will keep your information, but the public does not have access to your status.  The police could give your information to jails, correctional facilities, other police stations, the parole board, department of youth and social services and the FBI.

If you are classified as a level two or level three sex offender, a lot more of your information will be available to the public.  If you are a level two or three sex offender, any person over 18 may request this information from the police station.  Information request about a particular person may be sent to the Massachusetts Sex offender Registry Board.  Additionally, a person from the public may inquire about a street address, school or other specified areas.

If access to the information is granted, the police will provide the following information:

  1. The name of the sex offender
  2. The home address if located in the areas described
  3. The work address if located in the areas described
  4. The offense for which the offender was convicted and the date of the offense
  5. The sex offender’s age, sex, race, height, weight and hair color
  6. Photograph of the sex offender

For level three sex offenders a community may require the police department to notify organizations in the community which are likely to encounter the sex offender.  The police department may also notify people in the community who are likely to encounter the sex offender.  Neighboring police districts should also be notified about the information regarding level three sex offenders.  Other police stations may inform residents that are likely to encounter the sex offender.

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