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Common questions about the MA registry


Am I allowed to get a temporary license while my DUI case is pending?

No, after the enactment of the Melanie DUI laws, MA registry is no longer allowed to give out temporary licenses during the pendency of your case.

Will a Continuance Without a Finding Initiate a Suspension in MA?

It depends on the charge.  A continuance without a finding will trigger a license suspension for a DUI case.  For all other charges, such as drug charges a continuance without a finding will not trigger a license suspension.

Does the MA Registry have the discretion to not revoke my license?

No, the MA registry does not have the discretion to not suspend your license.  If you are convicted of a DUI or refused a breathalyzer, there are mandatory amounts of time that the MA registry must suspend your license.

What is the reinstatement Fees for my MA License?

The fees are non-negotiable and are as follows

  • Minor MA suspensions: $100 reinstatement fee
  • Major MA criminal offenses: $500 reinstatement fee
  • MA 1st offense DUI: $500 reinstatement fee
  • MA 2nd offense DUI: $700 reinstatement fee
  • MA 3rd offense DUI: $1,200 reinstatement fee

What types of situations are hardship license’s available?

MA registry will allow hardship or Cinderella licenses for three types of suspension.  MA registry will allow hardship license for DUI, habitual traffic offender, and drug offense suspensions.

Can the MA registry cancel my registration?

Yes, the MA registry can cancel your registration while your license is suspended for a 3rd offense DUI or higher.

Can the MA District Attorney take my car?

Yes, if you are convicted of a 4th offense DUI or higher, the District Attorney can ask the judge to forfeit your car to the state.

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