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MA Pre trial Probation


A pre trial probation governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 276, Section 87 is a good disposition for most criminal cases.  It may be a great way to end your criminal case, however, it is also a very difficult disposition to obtain.  The problem with pre trial probation is that the judge cannot order pre trial probation without the prosecutor’s agreement.  If you are placed on pre trial probation you do not need to admit to the criminal offense.

Most judges will place defendants on pre trial probation between 6 months and 1 year, but you could be placed on pre trial probation for any amount of time.  If you successfully complete probation and do not pick up any new offenses, the criminal charges will be dismissed.  If you don not successfully complete probation you or pick up a new offense, the criminal charges can be brought back and you can be prosecuted on them again.

You should not expect to be able to get pre trial probation in every case. In fact, it is usually very difficult to obtain that resolution to any case. To get the best possible outcome to your case you need an experience defense lawyer on your side.

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