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MA Probation Conditions


If you are placed on probation, it is very important that you understand the terms of your probation.  If you violate any term of probation, your probation could be revoked by the judge.  Once your probation is revoked, the judge could sentence you up to the maximum amount of time for the offense you are on probation.  Therefore, it is important that you know your probation conditions and successfully finish probation.

Standard Conditions

If you are placed on probation there are standard conditions that you must follow.  These standard conditions are apart of every probation case.  It is important that you know what the standard conditions are and do not violate them.

  • Pay the monthly probation fee.  The probation fee is $65 a month for supervised probation and $50 a month for unsupervised probation.  You can ask the judge for a community service alternative if you are unable to pay the monthly probation fee;
  • Obey all court order and local, state and federal laws;
  • Report to your probation officer at such time and place your probation officer requires;
  • Immediately notify the probation officer of any change in address or employer;
  • Do not leave the state of Massachusetts without the express permission of the probation officer.

Special Conditions of Probation

The court may also impose special conditions of probation to suit your case.  The conditions must be related to the sentencing and probationary goals of your case.  Some of these special conditions may be:

  • Restitution
  • Random drug testing
  • Random breathalyzers
  • Stay away no/contact with the victim
  • Mental health evaluation
  • GPS monitoring
  • Home confinement via Electronic Monitoring
  • Stay in school
  • Obtain gainful employment and stay employed

The Court may also order you to complete programs

  • Certified batter’s program
  • Anger management
  • Substance abuse evaluation and treatment
  • Outpatient substance abuse
  • Detoxification of drugs
  • Prostitution Prevention Programs
  • Level 3: office of community corrections
  • Level 4: Officer of community corrections
  • OCC Drug and Alcohol Testing Based on Color Code System
  • DUI first offender program
  • DUI second offender program
  • Sex offender counseling

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