MA Drug Treatment


Detoxification of drugs

If you are a drug user, the court may order that you go to detox for drug treatment.  The requirement would send you to a program that would medically detoxify you from alcohol or any drug at an in-patient treatment center.  The detox will usually take between 2 and 5 days.

The access to beds is limited and it may be difficult to set up the appropriate transportation to get you to the facility.  The cost of the detox really depends on the type of insurance that you have.  After detox, you may be placed in a drug rehabilitation program to continue your treatment.

Outpatient substance abuse

After detox, you may be placed in an outpatient substance abuse program.  The programs strive to keep you in the community while dealing with your drug issues.  The intensity of the program varies depending on your needs.  The cost of the program could be covered by insurance.  Different programs will accept different types of insurance.

Residential Substance Abuse

As part of your probation, the court may order you to complete a residential drug treatment program.  The residential drug treatment programs can vary greatly depending on the provider.  Most of the in house residential programs last for about 6 months.

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