MA DUI Probation Programs


DUI First Offender Program

The DUI first offender program is governed by Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 90, Section 24D.  The purpose of the class is to educate first offense DUI probationers about the dangers of drinking and driving.  The DUI probationer needs to attend 20 two hour classes.  The cost of the DUI class is around $600.  Insurance will not pay for the DUI class.

DUI Second Offender Program

The DUI second offender program is an in-patient treatment program.  There are three phases that you must do to successfully complete the 2nd offense DUI program.  During the first phase of the DUI program you must attend a 14 day in-patient program.  The second and third phase of the DUI program lasts a total of 12 months.

The first phase of the 2nd offender DUI program cost around $1,000.  The second phase of the 2nd offender DUI program cost around $372 for 15 weeks of classes.  Finally, the 3rd phase of the 2nd offender DUI program costs $25 per session for three individual sessions over 90 days.  You must complete all three phases.

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