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MA Global Positioning System (GPS)


As part of your probation, you may be required to be monitored by a GPS.  GPS monitoring is becoming increasingly common in cases where you are charged with a sexual offense.  During the sentencing the judge will order certain exclusionary zones that you are required to stay away from.  For child sex offense cases, the judge will usually order for you to stay away from schools, playgrounds and other areas where there are children.  The amount of time that you are on GPS is also determined by the judge.

The cost of being on GPS is about $9.45 a day or around $300 a month.  You are required to have a cell phone with you at all times when you are being monitored by the GPS.  The GPS transmitter will be hooked to your ankle.  The transmitter cannot be taken off for the duration of the monitoring.  The GPS transmitter is waterproof and you can shower with it on your ankle.

If you walk near an exclusionary zone, the transmitter will notify the people monitoring you.  The person who is monitoring you will then call your cell phone to tell you to leave the place right away. If the person monitoring you cannot get through to your cell phone and the GPS shows that you are remaining in the exclusionary zone, the police will be called.

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