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MA Consent to Police Search

You should not Consent to Massachusetts Police Search

It is important that you do not consent to being searched.  If you are stopped by police in Massachusetts and the police ask for your permission to search, you should say no.  Once you consent to being searched, the illegal items that the police find on you can be used as evidence.  Unfortunately, the police do not have to tell you that you have the right to refuse to be searched.

Not only can you refuse to consent to a search of your person, but you can also refuse to consent to a search of your property.  If the police ask to search your house or your car, you should say no.  Depending on the facts of the case, the police may not have a legal right to search your car, your bag, or your house.  However, if you consent and allow the police to search your property, the evidence found can be used against you in court.

Most people don’t want to say no and have the police be suspicious over what items they may find inside their bag, home or car.  The problems are that if you consent to a search of your property, the police will search and the illegal items will be used to prosecute you in court.

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