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MA Police Search During Traffic Stop

Massachusetts traffic violations lead to car search

In Massachusetts, police officers are allowed to do random checks of cars.  If the police find that the owner of the car has a warrant, the police are allowed to pull over and arrest the driver.  Here are a few things that the police may pull you over for:

  1. The police know that the driver’s license is suspended
  2. Driver has an active warrant
  3. Police run the plate and find out the car is reported stolen
  4. Police can pull your car over for any traffic violation.  It does not matter if the traffic violation was a serious violation or if it was for a minor offense.  Therefore, it is very important that you have your car in good working order.  Here is a list of traffic violations that the police may pull you over for.
  5. Failure to use turn signal
  6. Marked lanes violation
  7. Failure to stay a safe distance away from the car in front of you (tailgating)
  8. License tag out
  9. Brake light broken
  10. Stopping in traffic for no apparent reason
  11. Head lights out
  12. Failure to stop at red light
  13. Failure to stop at stop sign
  14. Failure to yield
  15. Improper tint on window
  16. Missing side mirrors
  17. Speeding
  18. Failure to turn with care
  19. Weaving in and out of traffic
  20. Expired inspection sticker
  21. Equipment violation

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