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MA Police Search on Street

Massachusetts police stopping you on the street

Every person has constitutional rights under the US Constitution and the Massachusetts Bill of Rights.  Police can approach you and talk to you on the street and ask you questions.  The police can also ask to search your belongings.  You do not need to consent to a search.   The police do not need to provide Miranda rights as long as you are free to leave and your freedom is not restricted.  In Massachusetts, the courts have ruled that the police may stop a person and ask them for identification.

Police asking you for identification is not seen as a restriction of your freedom.  You should know that under Massachusetts law, you can choose to not talk to the police.  If you are not actually seized by the police, you are not obligated to answer any questions.  The police do not need to tell you that you are free to leave and have the right to refuse to answer their questions.  The police cannot block you from leaving if you try to do so, or that may be considered a seizure.

If you are stopped by police in the street, you will be a difficult situation.  Under the MA laws you have a right to not answer any questions, however, if you may feel like you have nothing to hide you may want to answer questions.  It is important that you try to avoid telling the police any information.  Even if you do not tell them information about the crime that are you being questioned about, you may indirectly and accidently implicated yourself in another MA police investigation.

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