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MA Police Stop, Criminal Signs

Things MA Police Look For During Traffic Stops

In Massachusetts police are allowed to look into the interior of the car during a traffic stop.  If the police sees weapons or drugs in plain sight that may give them a reason to search your car. During any traffic stop, the police are looking for clues that may indicate to them that the car has drugs.  The police do not need a warrant to search your car.  The police only need probable cause to search your car.  Some things that the police are trained to look for are

  1. Air fresheners: police suspect that a drug dealers use air fresheners to try to mask the smell of drugs.  If the police see an excessive amount of air fresheners they will see it as a sign.
  2. Time of travel: the police suspect that drug traffickers tend to travel at night.  If you are pulled over late at night, the police will be more inclined to suspect that you have drugs in your car.
  3. Place of travel: The police will usually ask you where you are driving from and your planned destination.  If the police believes that you are traveling a route frequented by drug traffickers they may be more inclined to search your car.
  4. Scent of drugs: when you roll down your window the police will try to see if they can pick up a scent of drugs.  It can be drugs being used by the driver such as burnt marijuana or smell for drugs that are packaged, such as raw marijuana.
  5. Criminal history: if there are a lot of drug charges on your record, this may trigger the police to try to search your car.
  6. Multiple cell phones: Police believe that drug dealers use multiple cell phones to complete drug deals and to evade phone taps.  If the police find that the car has more than one cell phone per person, the police will be more suspicious.

Things that may give police cause to look for weapons in the car

  1. Car matching description of a crime
  2. Furtive Movement
  3. Drugs in plain view
  4. tinted windows
  5. High speed chase

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