MA Search Warrants

Massachusetts Police Search Warrants

In Massachusetts, the police can obtain search warrants for different things.  In most cases, the police do not get search warrants for a car because it would take too long to hold you at the side of the road.  However, the police may obtain a search warrant for several other things.  The police may get a search warrant to look at a cell phone, camera, computer, locked container, safe, house and many other items.

The most common types of search warrants are usually for houses.  In order for the police to obtain a search warrant, the police need to file the proper paperwork.  With the paperwork, the police is required to file an affidavit that states their legal grounds for the search.  The police also need to specify the object or location that is to be searched and the items or things that the police are attempting to seize.

The search warrant will specify what the police are allowed to do.  The warrant will state what location the police are allowed to search.  The warrant will state whether the police are required to knock on the door prior to entering.  Most search warrants require that the police knock and announce their presence prior to entering the suspected location.  The warrant will also specify the items that the police can seize.  The warrant will also state if the police are allowed to arrest people on the premises.  If the warrant is defective in some way, the seized items may be suppressed by the court.  Just because the warrant is defective does not mean that your case will be dismissed.

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