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You should not talk to the police without a lawyer.  One big reason why you should never talk to the police without a lawyer is that the police are allowed to give you false statements.  Massachusetts courts have ruled that certain false statements given to try to get the suspect to talk don’t violate constitutional rights.  There is a limit to how far the police can go with false statements, but you may be tricked into talking.

The police can make several false statements about your case to try to lure you into talking.  The police may tell you that they found your finger print at the crime scene.  The police can tell you that your co-defendant is making incriminating statements against you.  The police can say that your DNA matches that of the suspects.  The police may say that you have been seen by eye witnesses.  The police can say that the victim contracted the same STD that you have.  The police may say that they found your tire or shoe print.

Just like in the movies the police often use the good cop, bad cop strategy.  The court has ruled that the police may use the good cop, bad copy interrogating technique.  The police cannot physically abuse you.   The police cannot deprive you of sleep.  The police cannot refuse to bring you to hospital for real medical issues.  The police cannot deprive you of food to coerce you into an admission.

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