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Massachusetts Arson Laws

Arson is a very serious crime and is one of the most serious felonies.  Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266, the prosecution needs to prove that a defendant willfully and maliciously, burns or causes to be burned, aids, counsels or procures the burning of a building or dwelling.

Massachusetts Arson Penalties

The penalties of arson depend on what type of building was being burned. If the building was a warehouse, church, court house, town house, college academy, office, lumber yard, ship vessel, bridge or building for public use, the penalties are less severe than arson of a person’s dwelling.  The penalties for arson of a building are not more than 10 years in state prison, or not more than 2 ½ years in jail.

Additional Massachusetts Arson Penalties

However, if the defendant is convicted of arson or burning a person’s dwelling, then the penalties are much higher.  A person’s dwelling includes: apartment houses, tenement houses, hotels, boarding houses, dormitories, hospitals, institutions and sanatoria. The penalties for burning a person’s dwelling is not more than 20 years in state prison or not more than 2 ½ years in jail or not more than $10,000 fine.

Massachusetts Arson Defense Lawyer

The penalties for Arson are very high.  If you are charged with arson call a lawyer as soon as possible.  You need an experienced defense team at your side.  Attorney Chan will create an aggressive defensive strategy for your case.

Call Attorney Jason Chan today at 508-808-8902 to talk about your arson charge. 

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