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Kidnapping of Minor or Incompetent by Relative

Boston Relative Kidnapping Attorney

Massachusetts Kidnapping Issues

Divorces are prevalent in our society.  Sometimes when custody battles over children go too far, it can lead to one parent being charged with kidnapping.  It is awful when a caring parent is charged with kidnapping his or her own child, but it happens quite often.

Massachusetts Kidnapping Laws

The prosecution can use two different ways to prove a defendant guilty of kidnapping by a relative.  One way is the prosecutor can prove that the defendant is a relative of the victim, the child is less than 18 years of age, child is taken without authority, and the defendant intends to hold the child for a period of time or takes or entices the child from his custodial parent.
The second way to prove the defendant guilty of kidnapping is if the prosecutor proves that the defendant takes or entices an incompetent person or other person entrusted by authority of law to the custody of another person or institution.

Massachusetts Kidnapping by Relative Penalties

If a defendant is convicted of this charge, the defendant can face up to 1 year in jail or up to $1,000 fine.  If the victim was exposed to risk that endangered his or her safety, then the defendant can face up to 5 years in state prison and or not more than a $5,000 fine.

Massachusetts Kidnapping by Relative Lawyer

These cases are usually the most emotional and difficult cases for a defendant.  The defendant not only needs to deal with the criminal issues, but the emotional toil is tremendous.  It is important that you have an experienced and sympathetic defense attorney on your side.  Attorney Chan will be able to create an aggressive defensive strategy to help you through your kidnapping case.

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