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Motor Vehicle Theft

Boston Motor Vehicle Theft Lawyer

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Theft Laws

Motor vehicle theft is very common in Massachusetts and the penalties are very serious.  The state can prove motor vehicle theft in two ways.  One way is for the state to prove that the defendant steals a motor vehicle or obtain control of the motor vehicle with reason to know that it was stolen.

The second way to prove a person guilty of motor vehicle theft is if the prosecution proves that the defendant took the motor vehicle without the authority of its owner and steals from it any of its parts or accessories.  This would be more in line of a person stealing the tires of a car and putting the car on cinderblocks.

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Theft Penalties

If convicted of theft of a motor vehicle, the defendant can face up to 15 years in state prison, or not more than 2 ½ years in jail.  Aside from the potential jail and prison penalties, a defendant can face a fine of not more than $15,000.

Massachusetts Criminal Motor Vehicle Theft Attorney

The offense of motor vehicle theft is a serious one.  The state prison time that you can face is high.  Therefore, you need an experienced defense lawyer on your side.  Attorney Jason Chan will create an aggressive defense for your motor vehicle theft case.

Call Attorney Jason Chan today at 508-808-8902 to talk about your theft of a motor vehicle case.

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