Massachusetts Drunk Driving Defense

An arrest and conviction for DUI drunk driving in Massachusetts can mean serious consequences. Not only will you lose your license, but you could face a considerable fine and even jail time.

Whether you were arrested in the Boston or Worcester area, having an experienced DUI attorney like Jason Chan by your side can tilt the odds back in your favor.

Regardless of whether you took a field sobriety or breathalyzer test, you still have a fighting chance in court with Attorney Chan at your side.

Attorney Jason Chan is a criminal defense lawyer who has tried many DUI cases in Massachusetts. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Attorney Chan served his community and gained unparalleled court room experience. Now he is serving his community in another way, by protecting the rights of people just like you.

Attorney Chan also provides criminal defense in many other criminal areas including feloniesgunsdrugssex crimestheftviolent crimesfraud and he represents college students.

Attorney Chan has law offices in Worcester and in Boston. He provides criminal defense in Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Plymouth, Norfolk, Suffolk and Worcester district and superior courts. Attorney Chan also provides criminal defense in the Massachusetts Federal Courts.

Contact Attorney Jason Chan with your criminal defense problems today. Attorney Chan approaches each case to protect your best interest.  There is no charge for the initial phone call or the first meeting. Do not hesitate, as time may have an effect on your case.Call Attorney Jason Chan to talk about your Drunk Driving, DUI, OUI case today at 781-343-1DUI (781-343-1384).

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