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10 Myths About Drinking and Driving

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There are many myths regarding drunk driving. Perhaps due to these myths, so many individuals get busted for a Massachusetts drunk driving charge. Here’s a look at ten of the biggest myths regarding DUIs:

  1. I Drive Better When I’m Drunk. It’s not an exaggeration to say that NO ONE drives better impaired. If you’ve happened to drive drunk in the past and were not arrested, this does not mean you are a good drunk driver. This just means that you got extremely lucky in a very dangerous situation.
  2. I’ll be Okay If I Drive Slow. One of the biggest tip-offs of a drunk driver to the police is a slow driver. You may not realize it in your drunken state, but driving well below the speed limit is a sure sign that you are impaired.
  3. I Only Had 2 Drinks. It’s not true that you cannot be arrested for a DUI if you stay below the two-drink minimum. There are many different factors that go into being drunk including your size, weight, what you’ve eaten, etc. So two drinks could easily lead to a DUI charge.
  4. I Won’t Get in Trouble If I Refuse the Breathalyzer. Not only will you get into trouble for refusing the Breathalyzer, but you could face penalties even if you weren’t drunk in the first place. If you drive, you are deemed to have given consent to a breath test. If you refuse, you could face penalties like a license suspension.
  5. As Long as my BAC is Below 0.08 I’m Okay. A blood alcohol content of 0.08 means that you are automatically considered to be drunk driving. But even if your blood alcohol level is below 0.08, you could still be charged so long as your driving is impaired.
  6. I Can Fool a Breathalyzer with a Mint. While a mint may cover the alcohol smell on your breath, it has no impact on your blood alcohol level.
  7. Drinking Coffee or Eating Something Will Sober Me Up. Drinking coffee or chugging down a hamburger before getting in a car drunk will not immediately sober you up.
  8. Failing a Breathalyzer Equals a Conviction. If you fail a Breathalyzer test, it is not automatic that you will be convicted of a drunk driving charge. Some of the most common defenses to a DUI involve challenging the accuracy of a Breathalyzer including whether the device was calibrated properly.
  9. A DUI is No Big Deal. Being convicted of a DUI charge can have lifelong ramifications. Not only may you face jail time for a DUI, but a DUI can also result in a criminal record that can impact your job prospects and ability to get a loan on a home.
  10. I Can Fight My DUI Charge Alone. Prosecutors are hardened negotiators and experts on the law. If you attempt to defend your charge without help, you will be fighting an uphill battle. Given the stakes of a DUI conviction, you will want an experienced Massachusetts DUI attorney on your side.

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