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Adam Lee Hall of Hell’s Angels Gets Transferred to Springfield

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The trial for Hell’s Angels’ triple murder charges continues. Police indicted gang members Adam Lee Hall, 36, of Peru, Caius Veiovis, 32, of Pittsfield, and David Chalue, 46, of North Adams for the murder and dismemberment of three men in 2011. Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder moved the proceedings from Berkshire County to Springfield.

David Chalue, Caius Veiovis, and Adam Lee Hall were indicted in October for the murder and kidnapping of David Glasser andtwo other city workers in August 2011, and burying their bodies in rural Becket. The Berkshire community is aghast because news sources are continuously petering in details about the suspects and their attitudes about the charges. It is not enough that the Hell’s Angels ascribe to devil worshipping; they might actually act on their philosophy.

Why Is This Case So Popular With the Media?

The Hell’s Angels are naturally sensationalist, and the suspects in this case further evidence that. News sources like Mass Live and Global Post focused on the macabre details of the murders, as well as on suspect Caius Veiovis’ demonic appearance. Veiovis sports numerous facial tattoos, including “666” on his forehead, a forked tongue, as well as horn implants and tusks protruding from his nostrils.

Given the nature of the charges, Judge Kinder asserted that “it would be difficult, if not impossible, to select an impartial jury in Berkshire County.” Essentially, Judge Kinder is blaming the extensive media coverage for the potential bias on the jury in Berkshire County. Judge Kinder reminds of the necessity for an impartial jury regardless of the charges against the defendants. Even clients who willfully attempt to resemble the devil merit the due process mandated by law. Hampden County residents will represent the new jury pool given the change in venue. Accordingly, they will be able to make a decision based only on the evidence presented in court. The change in venue, and thus a more impartial jury, could actually benefit the Defense team’s strategy in the trial.

What Does the Defense Think?

Adam Lee Hall’s attorney reminded the judge that he wanted his client’s trial held in a jurisdiction where the jury pool is less affected “by the pretrial publicity.” Especially since DNA testing has yet to produce a forensic link between the three defendants and the deceased, the Defense is urging impartiality. According to District Attorney David A. Capeless, the prosecution needs more time for DNA testing. From the point of view of the jury, the lack of timely DNA testing could actually hurt the prosecution’s case against the Hell’s Angels.

If Found Guilty, How Will the Angels be punished?

The jury will not have an easy time with this one. This case has already spent two years in litigation, so the jury will not reach its verdict quickly. However, the jury does not get to determine the punishment- the judge does.  If evidence shows that the three suspects had the intent to murder and maim the victims, they could be sentenced for up to ten years in state prison, or a $1,000 fine and up to two and a half years in jail. If the prosecution can show that they kidnapped the victims, Hall, Veiovis and Chalue could accrue an additional ten years each in state prison, or $1,000 fines and two-year jail time. Even though the Massachusetts Code provides for the death penalty for criminals who committed murder with malice aforethought, the three suspects will probably be spared. Nevertheless, they may face life in prison.

This case is still developing- the Hell’s Angels still have time to pray for a heavenly sentence.

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