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Breathalyzer Refusing It or Not

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When you get pulled over for an OUI in Massachusetts you will be faced with the question of the OUI breathalyzer.  The biggest question facing OUI defendants is whether they should take the breathalyzer.  There are many factors that OUI defendants should consider when making the decision regarding the breathalyzer.  There is no great answer when dealing with the breathalyzer.  The best thing to do in avoiding an OUI is to not drink and drive. (Picture taken by My_southborough)

breathalyzerProbably the most important factor for OUI defendants is the license implications.  The OUI license suspension increase depending on the number of OUI offense the OUI defendant is facing.  For a first offense OUI, if the OUI defendant decides to take the breathalyzer and the test reads .08 or above the OUI defendant’s license will be suspended for 30 days.  For a first offense OUI, if the OUI defendant refuses to take the breathalyzer, then the OUI defendant’s license will be suspended for 180 days. 

The OUI laws were written in a fashion to encourage all OUI defendants to take the breathalyzer.  The OUI defendant’s license is suspended for a much longer period of time if the OUI defendant fails the breathalyzer verses refusing the breathalyzer. 

The second important factor that most OUI defendants’ should consider is how the breathalyzer will affect their OUI case.   If the OUI defendant takes the breathalyzer and tests .08 or above, the breathalyzer result is a strong piece of evidence against them in court. The breathalyzer result is a difficult piece of evidence to overcome in any jury trial.   OUI defendants stand a much better chance to win their case without breathalyzer evidence in their case.  If the OUI defendant wins their OUI trial, the OUI defendant can file a motion to reinstate the license.  If allowed by the court, the OUI defendant could get his license back before 180 days. 

So finally, if you are an OUI defendant you must weigh the importance or your license verses giving yourself the best chance to win your OUI case at trial. In most cases, the OUI defendant is better off refusing to take the breathalyzer and taking their cases to trial.  

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