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How to deal with a ticket for excessive speed in MA

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Alright, everyone hates speeding tickets.  Not only do you have to deal with the large fine, your insurance gets increased for five years.  Worse, if you have three moving violations in a year, your license can be suspended.  So here are a few things to keep in mind for a speeding ticket. 

 Be polite.  When you get pulled over do not yell at the police officer.  You need to follow instructions and be polite.  This sounds simple enough, but a lot of people want to argue with the officer.  Arguing will get you no where.  It only gives the officer more incentive to write you the ticket, to show up in court and to say that you had a bad attitude while he is testifying.  So be polite, even though you are not happy about the situation. 

 Look at the ticket.  You need to examine the ticket itself carefully.  First, look at the time and date to see if they are accurate.  Next, look at the information about your car.  See if the officer wrote the right information down correctly.  Finally, look to see if the officer estimated your speed or used radar. 

 File the appeal.  It doesn’t hurt to try to appeal your ticket.  The first hearing will be in front of a clerk.  The clerk’s hearing will cost you $25.  If you lose at the clerk’s hearing you can then appeal the clerk’s ruling in front of a judge.  The officer that wrote you the ticket doesn’t need to show up at the clerk’s hearing, but needs to show up in front of the judge’s hearing. 

 Make a decision.  You need to make a decision and figure out how important winning the ticket is for you.  You may want to just pay the ticket and get it over with.  You may also want to fight the ticket to the end because you already have two moving violations in one year.  If you do want to fight the ticket and put forth your best case, you may want to consider hiring a defense attorney for help. 


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