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MA crime story of a life, a man and glimmer of hope

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Part I: when I first met

Recently, I heard a story of a defendant.  After his case was resolved, he agreed and even wanted me to spread his story.  I first met him with him being brought in with handcuffs.  He was charged with using a stolen car.  With a lengthy record of similar offenses, the judge held him in custody.  According to the police report there were also a needle and remnants found in the car. 

When I met with him in jail he was very honest about what happened and what he expected to happen.  Wanting to get to know more about him, I asked him a series of questions.  He told me that he grew up in Puerto Rico.  He was the last child of 6.  His parents not wanting to take care of any of them decided to abandon all the children.  The older children were taken in by foster care.  He told me that older children would get a chance at a good life with foster parents, but the younger children would have to live in group homes.  Not wanting to deal with the horrors of a group home he decided to roam the streets with his 9 year old brother. 

He told me that he was abandoned at the age of 4 and remembers crying every night for his mother.  Along with his 9 year old brother they would roam the streets and use drugs to forget about the pains of being abandoned.  He told me that he started to smoke marijuana at the age of 5 and crack cocaine at the age of 9.  Now in jail he has already lived 25 years of the drug life style.  The consequences of such a lifestyle for that long lead him to contract Hep. C and later on full blown AIDS.  He had been fortunate to be married with two children.  And even more fortunate to never pass on his disease to his family.

 I was there sitting in jail listening to his story, his life and try to convince him to change before it was too late.  He told me that he was going to take his time in jail to think about his life.  He wanted to make changes and he promised me that he would.  Things that he was able to do in the upcoming months after a lifetime of drug use was truly give you hope. 

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