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MA Jury Duty, From Excitement to Snores

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Life has changed a lot over the last few centuries, but the basis of the judicial system has stayed the same.  The jury trial has not had a significant make over the last centuries.  What was an exciting affair to be apart of years ago is now something that most citizens absolutely try to avoid.

So what happened?  Technology, life and many more things have changed over the years.  Before, in the 18 century it was difficult to get the news and find out what happened in our community.  Back in those days a jury trial was straight entertainment.  It was one of the few times in which people had a chance to hear stories and see what was going on in their community.  Now, the news is readily available, we see it on television, hear in it in the car and even read it on our phones.

In this high pace society we now have, people are constantly on the move.  More and new fascinating things to thrill are minds are being invented on a daily basis.  New technologies are coming out ever day finding new and exciting ways to entertain our minds.

Then there is the court system.  Very little has changed.  The system is slow and deliberate with the goal of ensuring rights and not providing entertainment.  The court has tried to incorporate things to captivate attention such as photos, use of models, power points, and videos.  However, at the end of the day, the jury trial is still a story telling process. Unfortunately, technology has made an average person’s attention span towards hearing a story very short.  Just remember, the next time that you have jury duty, though it may not captivate you as it would have centuries ago, you are still apart of a very important process.

MA Court room

MA Court Room

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