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MA Top Ten Reasons You Do Not Need a Criminal Lawyer

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1. You are a huge fan of the world series of poker and decided to gamble with your life.

2. You can’t stop laughing from the drugs that you are on, and decide that it will be a lot more fun representing yourself.

3. Your mom told you were meant to do great things, and you decided to start by trying to win your own case.

4. You thought the words pro se (represent yourself) sounded cool, and decided to choose that option.

5. Your psychic told you this was your year, and you feel invincible.

6. You believe that you are the best liar in the world because your spouse believes everything you say. As a result, you believe the court will also fall prey to your skills.

7. Your shrink told you need to be more independent, and you don’t want to have an attorney get in the way of your shrink’s advice.

8. You have seen every episode of law and order and figured that your case would end in an hour anyway, so you rather not go through the hassle of getting an attorney.

9. You stayed at a Holliday Inn last night and feel very confident.

10. You equate lawyers to crooks. People have called you a crook all of your life, and with your logic, you believe that makes you a lawyer.

In all seriousness, there is no reason to not get an attorney for your criminal case. The court will hold you to the same standards as if you have an attorney representing you. For the most part, not having an attorney is not sufficient grounds for an appeal. Even if you signed a waiver to represent yourself, most judges will allow you to change your mind and hire an attorney. You shouldn’t wait to hire an attorney, but by waiving an attorney early on usually doesn’t mean that you can’t hire one later. So be smart, don’t gamble with your life and make sure you have a lawyer.

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