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Choosing the right Massachusetts DUI attorney is very important.  You had a couple of drinks; you get into your car and decide to drive home.  Later you get pulled over by a police officer and you end up getting arrested for a DUI.  You think to yourself, how you can be arrested for a DUI when clearly you were fine, weren’t feeling the alcohol and didn’t even have any problems driving your car.  Either way, you are brought to court and you get charged with a DUI.  The question is what to do next? 

The smart thing to do is to hire a lawyer.  But which Massachusetts DUI attorney should you hire?  How do you even start the process of choosing the right DUI attorney?  Well the first thing that you need to do is that you need to hire a Massachusetts DUI attorney when you get a DUI in Massachusetts.  It seems simple, but I have had people call me from all over the US asking me to represent them in their state.  I have also heard people trying to hire their college roommate who is a lawyer from another state and only licensed to practice in another state to defend their Massachusetts DUI case.  It doesn’t work that way, each state has its own DUI laws and criminal procedures.  Therefore, the first step is to hire a Massachusetts attorney for a Massachusetts DUI case.

You want a DUI attorney who has the experience with DUI cases, who you are comfortable with and who is honest with you. You should hire a Massachusetts DUI attorney that has experience in trying DUI cases.  If the attorney doesn’t have experience in bring DUI cases to trial, the attorney may force you into an unfavorable deal just to save the attorney from going to trial.  You would be surprised by the amount of criminal attorneys that don’t try cases. So make sure the attorney you choose is willing to bring your case to trial. You may not end up wanting a trial, but it is important that you have that option. 

The other thing you should look at when hiring a DUI attorney is how comfortable you are with the attorney.  You should feel confident in your attorney ability no doubt, but you should find an attorney that you are comfortable in having a conversation.  The criminal process is a difficult one to understand and navigate.  One of the reasons to hire an attorney is to have the attorney help you through the process.  Therefore, it is important that you hire an attorney that you are comfortable in asking questions, calms you down and helps you through the process. (Picture of law books taken by Umjanedoan). 


Massachusetts DUI AttorneyPerhaps the most important thing is that you want to find an attorney that is honest to you. If you meet an attorney and he guarantees you a certain result that is probably a bad sign. There are many factors that determine the outcome of a DUI case and you don’t want an attorney that promises certain results just to get you to pay them.  Those are the few things that you should consider before hiring a Massachusetts DUI attorney.  By no means is it a complete list.  In the end the most important thing is to have an attorney representing you in your DUI case.  You never want to represent yourself.  


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for guiding me.I know this is not right but one should be aware of such situations.

  2. Attorney MA says:

    Thanks for the law info.

  3. Andre says:

    The mention of "an attorney that is honest to you" is so very true, and is exactly what the consumer needs!

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