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It is important to have a Massachusetts DUI lawyer that is willing to bring your case to trial.  There are many things to consider when finding a lawyer. The first thing you want to do is to find a lawyer that you trust. Without trust any other thing about your lawyer is pretty much useless.  Second, obviously you want to find a lawyer that will work hard and fight for you.  Finally, you want a lawyer that has the criminal law experience to put forth the best defense for you. 

DUI trial lawyer

What isn’t so clear is what type of skills you should be looking for when choosing a DUI lawyer.  There are many skills that make up a great lawyer.  However, one very important skill is having a lawyer that is good at trials and willing to try your case.   You may think that every criminal lawyer is able and willing to try your DUI case.  The truth is that most cases in the criminal court are resolved short of trial.  There are many different outcomes that can happen in a criminal case, but the majority of criminal cases do not go to trial. 

In hiring a DUI lawyer, you want to make sure that your DUI lawyer knows how to try your case and is willing to try your criminal case.  With the economy in disarray even lawyers are trying to find new avenues of income.  It is not uncommon nowadays to see lawyers doing criminal cases that did nothing but real estate or contract work in the past. There are also a lot of new lawyers that are finding it difficult to find a job and deciding to start their own practice. If a lawyer doesn’t have the skills or confidence to try your case, the lawyer may talk you into pleading to a DUI case even when it isn’t the best solution.   

That is not to say that every case should be tried or that a trial is the best solution to your criminal case.  There are certain risks when it comes to trying any criminal case.  And just because a lawyer is talking to you about pleading to your DUI case that doesn’t mean he or she is a bad lawyer. The key is to hire a lawyer with good trial experience so that you can have the option of taking your case to trial if you choose to do so. 

When you are charged with a DUI case it is very difficult if not impossible to get the case dismissed.  District Attorneys in Massachusetts are so afraid of bad press that many offices won’t dismiss DUI cases even if it is warranted.  I have seen Assistant District Attorneys refuse to dismiss a case even if the person took a breathalyzer and has the breathalyzer reading of .05.  Even if your breathalyzer reading was below the legal limit, the prosecutor isn’t required by law to dismiss the case and many do not dismiss the case. 

It is important to you to understand that decisions that you make in your DUI case are likely to be permanent. Therefore, you need a lawyer that will fight for you and work hard for your best interest.  The last thing you want is to have a lawyer talk you into a plea just to avoid taking your case to trial.  

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