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Getting a Massachusetts DUI is very serious.  Police are more vigilant than ever on the roads.  Police are being trained and now look out for signs of DUI during every traffic stop.  Police who are called to car accidents look for signs of DUI on the drivers.  If the police officer finds that one person may have alcohol on their breath, it is likely that the driver will be arrested.  Aside from traffic stops and accidents it is very common for police to set up DUI check points to look for Massachusetts DUI suspects.  It should come to no surprise then that more people are now being stopped, arrested and prosecuted for DUI. (picture of road taken by Moyan Brenn)
During the holidays you will see an uptick in DUI arrests.  Many if not all local and state police have more officers patrol the roads.  During Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and New Years Eve police focus on potential DUI drivers even more. The police are even running DUI ads on television to warm potential drivers that they are stepping up DUI patrols in the state.  Aside from the holidays, you see the police force increase in DUI enforcement around sporting events.  With the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics being so popular, DUI enforcement is high around the Gillette, Fenway and TD Bank North Garden.
Aside from the enforcement of professional sporting events, police also pay special attention to areas where colleges and universities are.  You may notice that the police presence in the colleges and universities increase as events go on in those areas.  If a person is under the age of 21 is charged with an OUI, the person may face increased criminal penalties and license effects.
All this means that it is important to be careful in order to avoid a Massachusetts DUI.  Police are being extremely careful with DUI cases.  Many police officers rather arrest a person they suspect been drinking than risking that person getting into a car accident later on in the night.   With DUI enforcement being taken so seriously in Massachusetts, it doesn’t make any sense to risk drinking and driving.  You may be tempted to save a few dollars and not take a cab, but in the end a DUI case can cost you thousands of dollars.  Besides the criminal and license issues, it is even more important that you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else by making a bad decision.

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