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Massage Parlor Unhappy Endings: Prostitution Arrest on the Rise

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Massachusetts is known for a lot of things.  Some things that Massachusetts is known for is its marquee universities, deep history, and world class medicine.  One thing Massachusetts doesn’t want to be known for is a place that allows prostitution. If you have ever looked at the classified section in certain printed publications or online there are a lot of ads for massage services. Unfortunately, there are some massage parlors that sell more than just massages. 

sex for a fee, prostitution

In the past, you would generally see massage parlors that are being investigated and charged with prostitution in the cities. Recently, there have been more massage parlor workers being arrested in the towns surrounding Massachusetts. It is also common to see more and more sex workers coming from out of state. Massachusetts is among one of the leading states that passed anti-human trafficking laws.  These states laws were passed in order to increase the punishment for those who take individuals across state lines and force them into prostitution.  The hope was that tougher state laws would better equip Massachusetts in investigating human trafficking, prosecutor human traffickers and better protect the victims of this trade.   

Before, one will usually see massage parlors linked to prostitution only in cities. Recently, there have been a lot of arrests for massage parlors linked to sex for a fee in small towns. Generally, small towns have little tolerance for massage parlors that are a front for prostitution.  Small town residents are very keen on quality of life issues and are generally more aware of any changes in their own town. 

Once the police get a complaint they will generally send out an investigation team to try to find any illegal activity. The police usually set up a prostitution sting to try to investigate the suspicious massage parlor and criminally charge those responsible for the wrongdoing.  The police usually start online to see what type of advertising the massage parlor is doing.  Next, the police will call and make an appointment with the massage parlor.  Finally, an undercover police officer will go to the massage parlor and act as a patron, while many other officers act as backup. 

Now Massachusetts state law is pretty clear that the undercover police officer doesn’t need to physically touch the suspect or get touched by the suspect in order for the suspect to be charged. The undercover officer needs to form an agreement to exchange money for sexual services. Once the agreement is made the other officers will come into the massage parlor and make the arrest.

After the arrest, the police may get a search warrant to try to find anything that would link the place with prostitution.  The police are usually searching for customer lists and cash.  The police also look for phone records to link the massage parlor to the phone call that was placed by the undercover police officer.  Finally, the police seize will seize any computers that they find. The police will go through the computer and try to find any ads that were placed online to promote the place as a sex parlor. Now most ads won’t be so obvious in saying sex parlor.  However, there are many ads that would use the words such as “sensual massage” coupled with a provocative picture to imply there are sexual services available.  The police will combine the ad from the computer, with the phone call that was placed and the agreement that the undercover officer made with the suspect to charge the person with prostitution.  Prostitution is a serious charge and more cities and towns in Massachusetts are cracking down more than ever.  


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  2. fightingexploitation says:

    If you or someone you know is being sexually exploited call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 and visithttp://www.fightingexploitation.org

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