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Using a Fake ID in Massachusetts

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Most people say that Massachusetts has more colleges per square mile than any other place in the world.  It is difficult to drive around Boston without seeing a college or university. Seeing that the legal age to drink alcohol is 21 many underage people resort to fake IDs.  Whether an underage person attempts to use a fake ID at a bar, nightclub, or liquor store it is illegal.  The question is what happens when you get caught with a fake ID?  What are the criminal penalties an underage person can face by using a fake ID? 

If you get caught for using a fake ID the state could bring criminal charges against you.  If you are convicted of using a fake ID you could face a fine of up to $500.  The police are also allowed to arrest a person using a fake ID without a warrant.  The police could bring the person using a fake ID to the police station and hold that person in jail.  The law does require the police to bring the person arrested for using a fake ID to court as soon as possible.  The problem may arise when you get arrested on a Friday night for using a fake ID.  The courts are not open until Monday.  If the police don’t allow you to be bailed or you don’t have money for bail, you can be sitting in jail for the entire weekend for using a fake ID.  To make matters worse, if you are convicted of using a fake ID, the registry of motor vehicles or RMV may also suspend your real license. 


If people are using fake IDs that also mean that someone must be creating them.  In Massachusetts, the people convicted of creating fake IDs face heavier penalties than a person attempting to use a fake ID. If you are convicted of creating fake IDs, you could face up to a $200 fine or be sent to jail for up to three months. 

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With Massachusetts especially Boston having so many students running around, it is inevitable that many underage people will use fake IDs.  If you go to many bars, clubs, or liquor stores around town you may find a wall covered with fake IDs that have been confiscated.  In the best case scenario if you are caught with using a fake ID, you will be asked to leave.  The worst case scenario, you could be arrested and held in jail all weekend.  

Boston.com recent article about fake ID 



  1. Dana Mazz says:

    Hey Jason! Is there any difference in punishment between using a fake ID and using an altogether different persons ID?  
    Another scenario is bouncers will take your ID, kick you out, and then sell your fake ID to someone else.

  2. Jason Chan says:

    Using a fake ID or someone else’s ID is the same punishment. If you give your ID to someone for them to use, your license can be suspended.

  3. fake id says:

    These look good, is worth to pay close attention to the blog.

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