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DUI Booking Process

You get arrested for a DUI and you will be asked to take the DUI breathalyzer. Now a portable DUI breathalyzer that you can take during a DUI investigation on the side of the road is different than the DUI breathalyzer at the police station. When you get arrested for a DUI and brought back to the police station that is when you will be asked to take the official DUI breathalyzer.

Once again it is your right to refuse a DUI breathalyzer during any DUI arrest. Most people should refuse to take a DUI breathalyzer. When arrested and brought back to the police station for a DUI, a DUI offender will first be processed by the DUI booking officer. The DUI booking officer will ask a lot of background questions to the DUI offender. During the DUI booking process the DUI offender will have to answer a lot of questions, get finger printed and have a booking photo taken. If the booking photo makes the DUI offender look bad, the prosecutor may use that in their DUI case.

Most police stations have cameras in the booking room and in the jail cells to film the DUI booking process. These cameras record everything during the DUI booking process. It is important that the DUI offender stay calm, respectful and try not to look like they should have been arrested for a DUI.

After the DUI booking process is completed. The DUI offender is usually allowed to make phone calls. At some point, the bailbondsman will come and the DUI offender will be allowed to try to bail him or herself out. Now if the DUI offender has enough money on them, the police will usually allow the DUI offender to use their own money for bail.

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