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Massachusetts Firearm Licensing

Massachusetts Firearm License and Criminal Charges

In Massachusetts if you are convicted of a crime, you may have your right to obtain a firearm license taken away.  Even if your conviction is for a minor offense, your right to obtain a firearm license may be hindered.  Massachusetts severely restricts certain people from possessing a weapon, those people include:

  1. Convicted felons
  2. Persons convicted of misdemeanors that carry the possibility of a sentence greater than 2 years
  3. Persons convicted of violent crimes
  4. Persons found in violation of any firearm law punishable by imprisonment
  5. Persons convicted of drugs laws

Even if you are able to avoid conviction of a disqualifying offense, the police chief of the town may still deny you a firearm license.  If you are convicted of a disqualifying offense, it does not matter how much time passes, the disqualifying offense will remain in effect.  If you have an abuse prevention order allowed against you, you may be required to turn in your firearm and license.

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