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MA Bail and Terms of Release

The court sets bail not to punish you for being charged.  The point of setting bail is to ensure that you will show up for court.  MA courts consider a whole host of factors in determining your bail.  Amongst other factors the court will look at your criminal record and your history of defaults to determine the amount of bail that should be set.

Some factors that a MA judge may consider

  1. Your ties to the community
  2. How long have you lives in the area
  3. Employment
  4. The potential penalties you face
  5. The strength of the state’s case
  6. The seriousness of the case

It is important that you bring an experienced criminal attorney with you for your arraignment.  You don’t want to be trying to argue bail by yourself.  If you have any questions or like to schedule a free consulation, call Attorney Jason Chan at 508-808-8902.

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