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Continuance Without a Finding

A continuance without a finding not a guilty conviction.  A continuance without a finding or CWOF is a plea that is less than a conviction.  If you plead to a CWOF you are not pleading guilty, but you are admitting that there are enough facts to prove that you are guilty.  If you are able to get a CWOF you will be placed on probation for a certain period of time.  Most people who get a CWOF stay on probation for 1 year.

With most charges, if you get a CWOF it will not suspend your license.  The most common exception is if you get a CWOF for a first offense DUI charge.  If you get a CWOF for a first offense DUI, your license will be suspended.  There are many charges that the Massachusetts legislature has defined as charged you cannot receive a CWOF.  You may also face additional criminal consequences if you violate the terms of probation after pleading to a CWOF.  The judge cannot allow you to plead to a CWOF after the jury finds you guilty, over the prosecutor’s objection.  Finally, you in the immigration context, the federal government treats CWOF as convictions.

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