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College Students

Representing College Students with Criminal Charges

There are several hundred colleges and universities in the state of Massachusetts.  When students live away from their parents for the first time, many of them find themselves in trouble with the law.  Criminal charges not only have possible jail penalties, but may also impact a student’s financial aid, college status, and even employment opportunities.

Attorney Jason Chan grew up in Massachusetts and attended two Boston schools for his undergraduate and legal degree.  Attorney Jason Chan has prosecuted and defended many college students with criminal charges.  He understands the problems that criminal charges can have on a student today and in the future.

With so many college students living in Massachusetts, it should come to nobody surprise that problems may arise.  The important thing is to minimize the potential impacts that criminal charges may have on a student.  Don’t let a mistake hurt you or your child’s chances in the bright future they deserve.

DUI/OUI/ Drunk Driving Charges

Underage Drinking

Roommate Disputes

College Students charged with Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the Peace and Resisting Arrest

College Students Charged with Possession of Drugs

College Student Charged with Larceny or Shoplifting

Minor Purchasing Alcohol

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