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Underage Drinking

College Underage Drinking Charges

Massachusetts is not immune to the underage drinking problem that the nation deals with on a daily basis.  Some underage drinking situations can result in criminal charges.  In Massachusetts and especially in Boston, many students live off campus.  In many neighborhoods the local residents are not happy with college students making a lot of noise.  As a result, the local residents tend to call the police whenever there is a party that is disrupting the neighborhood.

If a student is charged with a crime it can have serious legal consequences.  Aside from the potential legal penalties that you or your child may face, the school may also sanction the student.  It is very important to have and keep a clean record for future employment opportunities.  Besides the legal consequences, an underage drinking allegation can jeopardize you or your child’s college status or scholarships.

Attorney Jason Chan has represented many students with underage drinking charges.  Attorney Chan is sensitive to the issues that a student is facing currently with the school and potential employment issues in the future.

Call Attorney Jason Chan today at 508-808-8902 to talk about your underage drinking case. 

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