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School Zone Charges

Boston Drug School Zone Lawyer

Massachusetts School Zone Issues

School zones are a problem in most criminal drug cases.  Essentially, a person would need to be charged with a drug offense.  If the defendant was within 1,000 feet of a school, the defendant can also be charged with a school zone offense.  It doesn’t matter what type of school the defendant was near.  In Massachusetts, schools are very prevalent and it is difficult to not be near a school if you are in the city.  Some police will also wait until the defendant is near a school zone before arresting them to hit them with an additional school zone charge.

Massachusetts Drug School Zone Laws

For the prosecution to prove a school zone charge, the prosecution needs to prove the defendant guilty of the underlying drug charge.  The prosecution also would need to prove that the defendant distributed drugs within 1,000 feet of a school.  The defendant can also be found guilty of a school zone violation if the defendant is within 100 feet of a school park or playground in school zone.

Massachusetts School Zone Penalties

If the defendant is convicted of a school zone charge, the defendant can face not less than 2 ½ years or not more than 15 years in state prison.  If the defendant is sentenced in district court, the defendant can’t serve less than 2 years in jail.  The defendant can also face a fine of not less than $1,000 or not more than $10,000.  The defendant cannot pay a fine in replacement of a jail sentence.  The defendant’s license will also be revoked.

Massachusetts School Zone Attorney

The problem in school zone cases is that there are schools everywhere in Massachusetts.  Most people aren’t trying to sell drugs to children or people in school.  However, in Massachusetts the lack of knowledge that an area in within the school zone limits is not a defense to a school zone charge. For school zone charges, the prosecution still needs to prove the underlying drug case.  In many of these cases, effective motions can be filed to exclude the evidence.  It is very important that you have an experience defense attorney on your side.  Attorney Jason Chan has prosecuted and defended many of these cases in the Massachusetts courts.  If you are charged with a drug offense and or school zone charge, contact him today.

Call Attorney Jason Chan today at 508-808-8902 to talk about your school zone case. 

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