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Unarmed Robbery

Boston Unarmed Robbery Lawyer

Massachusetts Unarmed Robbery Laws

In Massachusetts, the law distinguishes between armed robbery and unarmed robbery.  As you may imagine, unarmed robbery is the less serious charge out of the two.  However, there are still serious consequences for unarmed robbery.  To prove a defendant guilty of unarmed robbery, the prosecution needs to prove that the defendant used force and violence, put the victim in fear, and took money or property from the victim’s direct control.

Massachusetts Unarmed Robbery Penalties

If a defendant is convicted of unarmed robbery, the defendant could face up to life in prison.  If the defendant is charged and convicted of a subsequent unarmed robbery, the defendant must serve at least 2 years.

Massachusetts Unarmed Robbery Attorney

In Massachusetts, unarmed robbery is treated as a very serious felony.  Even if you were not armed with a weapon, if convicted of unarmed robbery you could still face up to life in prison. In many of these unarmed robbery cases, there are identification issues.  If charged with unarmed robbery, it is important that you have an experience defense attorney on your side.  Attorney Chan will create an aggressive defensive strategy for your unarmed robbery case.

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